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A Great Place To Go

A Great Place To Go…

There’s a place, a wonderful place !
Which I dream of going all the time.

The place that’s not so low as deep blue sea,
And not so high as the valley top,
But high enough to give the bird’s eye view
Of those who rush through roads near

And those uniforms who lag to move
Bearing bulk bags of scripted knowledge
Still making their way bloom with jokes
And hot times of friendly fights.

And those couples, who never walks side by side
Not because of less wide road,
But because one’s willingness to step in front
And the other’s accord to follow on.

The place that gifts me all these views,
A secured spot than any other site,
Where no one sees me watching them.
To stay so long as invisible.

The place that exists not so far from me
Still keep me calling since I know
And make me long to be there
Is the first floor of my home !

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