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Accept it, whatsoever

Accept it, whatsoever...

It's not your day, it's someone's day
They're really proud, so called generous
They're pleased, they're here to bless
They find the need and the man in need
They have their own ways to fulfill th needs
By which the needy has very less to do
No value for feelings he express
The needy just has to be still
The needy just has to obey
The needy just has to accept
The load of need that keeps head down
The greed to live, that takes forward
To accept the mud like cloud number nine
And stay humble without choices
Without voices and loud noises
To get the cake that meant for him, at least
Or to lose it once more.
Lucky needy, isn't he?
Yes he is.
For the boon to stay choiceless and calm and quiet.
Like a roadside tree.

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