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Again, in praise of ‘The Nothing’

I was always passionate about the concept of nothing. As these words come out of nothing, the complete thing… Essentially nothing can never be compared to anything but it can be related to fire because of its immense power and cleansing nature. Nothing, the omnipresent and omnipotent lord. As I worship nothing, I worship everything…

Again, in praise of ‘The Nothing’

When tastes pull you, you’re taste bound.
When colors pull you, you’re color bound.
When something pulls you, you’re nothing
But when nothing pulls you, you’re everything.
As nothing has got the finest taste
And nothing holds the brightest color.

The world needs people who need nothing,
The world needs people who love for nothing,
The world needs people who can help for nothing.

If the heaven pulls you, you’re in hell,
But if nothing pulls you, you’re in heaven.
Because nothing, can never be boring, it’s the most wonderful thing.

Nothing, the unseen, unknown, subtlest of everything.
Nothing can’t be fire, nothing can never be anything.
But nothing is the fire that burns your fears,
Nothing is to fire that burns your wishes
As you just approach the real Nothing.
It ignites the impulse through your nerves,
It ignites the blood through your veins,
By grace, if you could pass through the alley of nothing,
You have become yourself nothing, the complete thing.

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