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See you Dece…

And finally calendar says my December is leaving, I know he's joking :-) It's just December 32, 33...... But I'll miss those misty mornings, shiny days, breezy nights and yellow rains... See you Dece... It's time dear Dece, to part for the world outside. But it's just a matter of time and space, As we

That was our dream, right

That dream can't just be explained by the word Footloose... instead, it reminds the need for us to be responsible... This dream has the hint that shows the purpose of life and the way of living it with peace and harmony. That was our dream, right? Like that green grass, Circled by the loved, Near the stream

My perky dolly

I was longing for a brother for 11 years, but it was a dolly we got, fortunately she was as bad as a bro! My perky dolly... She's pretty, not so good or bad Often lost, in her own nature At those moments in front of a mirror or cam. She was never a doll,

Goddess of failure, are we believers?

Whether goddess of failure exists or not, most of us believe her! When success gives the pressure of being consistent, Failure gifts that badge "not reliable" written on it and lets you free... Goddess of failure, are we believers? Before something gets started, The thought of failure Goddess arises. When the things are getting hard, The belief in

The real blessing

It's the ignorance that leads to narrowing of mind that makes us pray to God "let me die, I just need that blessing" Neither death is a solution, nor the struggles and success in life, instead a life without resisting any experience that comes on the way At the end finding ourselves


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