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The Google Mind

Mind and affirmations plays so well in our lives, knowingly or unknowingly it works! It works much like a keyword that we enter on the Google and it brings everything related... The Google Mind... Google Mind is a brand new tool, So powerful and intuitive too. Just launched and only some had known! And I got

Whats, Whys & Whens

Life was always surprising and wonderful that it was vague all the way... But still I am curious, anxious... holding to my doubts and notions while watching its play! Whats, Whys & Whens What is the role of efforts in a life? When everything is fixed, already For what purpose do I hold my hope? When

Rama as I know…

From the ancient ages, offering chants were considered as the holiest activity of all. Chants represent the pulse within oneself and it takes to the experience beyond the barriers of physical existence. It has to be understood that chanting is neither material nor spiritual; instead, an instant sachet sample of fulfilment that

A Poet’s Wastebasket…

For an idea to fit in a poem that fills the hearts, the concept must come out in a tune... A piece of fresh idea in tune becomes a verse and rhymeless concepts to the wastebasket! A Poet's Wastebasket... It's beautiful but not observed, It's really wonderful but unnoticed, It speaks about crucial, but not

Ivormadom, a station of solidified peace…

The source of pleasure is peace, every single piece of beauty is the result of peace, universe dwells in peace, the pulse of nature is peace But there are places where the presence of peace can be felt at a higher intensity as if we can touch it... Ivormadom, a station of

Words… can never hurt me

Words are capable of wounding almost every human hearts But these words will be capable of transforming emotions only if they are allowed to do so, if they are repeated so powerfully in mind. The words can't affect much on a body that has suffered harder hits and traumas because the focus


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