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Dear poem, I’m yours…

Poem for me is an emotional exhalation. Naturally emotions flow to me but I fear if it harm my loved ones if I allow my emotions to flow out from me in the way I experience it. But through the rare gift of poetry i express my feelings so that I won’t blast or freeze… Remember exhalations are vital as inhalations!

Dear poem, I’m yours…
Poem for me is a lovely lady,
She has got endless verse to say,
But she never told me something twice, as she’s different at the next moment.
Don’t know how she reaches me at midnight time to take away my sleep.

Sooner I realized that she feeds on my sleep.
That night when she came, I just closed my eyes as if asleep.
When the sun woke me up, I started searching her
Searched all around at the daylight so much, but she was not there.

That night, eager for the moments with her,
I was waiting her with ice on my eyes.
Kind lady, she was there on time, smiling at me
As if she knows nothing about yesterday.

When my senses became one with her,
When I touched the flow of time,
I was witnessing the miracle that
She was giving birth to herself in numerous forms.

These words are our offsprings,
They’re here for a reason,
To tell you ‘every moment matters’
To make you aware that this second is… Dead.

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