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Dear sir, I’m listening

My dad always used to tell me “move at least your little finger, that’s the greatest thing you can do”. After all those efforts from my part for last 10 years, I understand just one thing, ‘healing is possible !’… But
how and when remains unanswered…

Dear sir, I’m listening…

Sir, I’ve always wanted to ask you
If the laws of healing complex,
Than the Laws of cosmology?

I’ve always wanted to ask you
Is the process of healing hard to know
Than the secrets of nature?

You are the perfect man to brief it,
As I believe so firm that you must have walked
A long way in search of health and healers,
Before settling into the comfort of wheels
And riding till the end of time.

Dear sir, I need answers
As you know so well than anyone else
That, to be locked up inside a body
Is intense than a bloody prison.
So dear sir, I’m listening.

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