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Dece, my dearest – II

As I look through my window each time I expect something new out there…as you know nothing new is going to show up there just for me… But now it’s December, the month of misty mornings, shiny days breezy nights and yellow rains…And that’s why Deəʳsé (ഡെസി) is so special for me

Dece, my dearest – II

As the November days started counting, I was expecting her
Being my surprise this morning, she woke me up.
The first breath I took was telling me, she’s here.
The chilling cold breeze that was filling my breath started spreading each cell
And with much excitement when I opened my eyes
The pleasant morning shine just said
“It’s December, Dece your dearest”.

Dece, she’s my colourful rain
With her breezy touch, as she gets that special giggle
On every single sober tree, bringing down their yellow leaves.
I just eye her yellow rain.

If I were like you,
If I could be a month like you,
I would necessarily be November.
Just to drain even my last rain with you.

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