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Dece, my dearest

As promised, December…my Deəʳsé (ഡെസി) came early this November…

Dece, my dearest…
Dece, the only sister of eleven rude brothers.
Naughty heat and gloomy rain
Stays away from her way.
Dece who speaks with pleasing breeze,
Dece who laughs with the brightest days,
Dece who brings the heaven for us,
Dece who gifts the colorful shine,
Shine that makes the life live.
Dece defines beauty.
Being beautiful is not at all the beauty,
Making beautiful is all the beauty,
That’s what Dece’s duty.
Giving the world a magnificent gleam.
Blessing everyplace with brand new look.
Especially my window side.
Dece made the flower smile,
Hanging drops at the fence and rails,
Lonely trees and gangs of grass,
Smiles at her, glows for her.
Even the Gods long, to take birth on her lap,
Twenty four hours of twenty four days
Kind Dece not just chills, also gives her blanket
The blanket of snow, the curtain of mist.
To surprise the world with golden days.
Occasion by which the child in every heart,
Could come out and play his vacation.

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