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Escape, to where from what

So happy that the most escapes executed were successful all the way,
Sorry that no absolute escape possible as long as the existence exist! Life kept bondage after every liberation…

Escape, to where from what…

Without doing homework, escaped from mam
Just being irregular, escaped from school
Simply cracking laughs, escaped from childhood
Keeping all doubts ahead, escaped from varsity
Slowly moving forward, escaped from city
Sleeping till the dim, escaped from the day
Dreaming till the daylight, escaped from the dark
Solving one problem, escaped into another
Making room for new, escaped from the thought
Figuring the facts, escaped from the lies
Seeking the bloom, escaped from tender
Escapes went vain one after other
Escaping from one, we escaped to where?
As the life stays long holding much to unfold.
Master gives choice, you can escape to one or to none.
Escape to the way that reaches the real,
Ways are lot but only to move, not to stay.
Although, it seems hard to go but safe to stay.
As the life switches the plots and keeps on the plays,
Morphing itself without a clue, from me to you.

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