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We’ll reach a point by which “nothing remains as a possible solution” and there we find Gajendra…

Gajendra has everything, all of a sudden
Gajendra finds himself stuck, sick, sink and stunk.

Gajendra asks:
My dear friend, we were together all the time
Now I need you, save me
We’ll help you for sure, but we have time limits.

My dear people, we shared much together
And you know well that I need you, save me
We’ll help you for sure, but we have resource limits.

My dear parents, I know you’ll be there
Yes, we are with you, time and resource won’t limit us
But we have power limits.

Gajendra prays:
Let these flowers represent my limitless being,
Let these flowers be the present for omnipresent,
I surrender to the vision of my limitless master,
I surrender to the absolute nothing.

Gajendra now owns nothing, all of a sudden
Nothing takes the form of something in the mind of Gajendra
And Gajendra finds himself free and saved!

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