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Goddess of failure, are we believers?

Whether goddess of failure exists or not, most of us believe her!
When success gives the pressure of being consistent,
Failure gifts that badge “not reliable” written on it and lets you free…

Goddess of failure, are we believers?
Before something gets started,
The thought of failure Goddess arises.
When the things are getting hard,
The belief in failure Goddess strengthens.
Once when the matters of concern go wrong,
Goddess of failure is finally happy and blesses.

No one has failed all the time in his life,
Goddess of failure not yet blessed anyone persistently.
Still, we seek salvation on her
And we’re so sure that she’ll bless
And make the things exactly
In the way, we don’t want.

Think of the courage that she gifts!
The courage to start something new,
The courage to say “I don’t know”,
The courage to stay alone,
Since you have already failed
And there’s nothing new in it, to be afraid of.

The courage to withstand and face life
Result of insult, frustration and failure,
Not from the kiss of success.
But Still, is it necessary to anticipate failure?

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