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Ivormadom, a station of solidified peace…

The source of pleasure is peace, every single piece of beauty is the result of peace, universe dwells in peace, the pulse of nature is peace
But there are places where the presence of peace can be felt at a higher intensity as if we can touch it…

Ivormadom, a station of solidified peace…

Peace is a feeling, an experience, moments of comfort
When we can effortlessly sense our oneness with nature.
Peace has neither structural nor physical form
But if the presence of peace in the place is so profound
What else can we call, other than a station of solidified peace?

There I saw my Pa, my grandpa was there
Rama was there and I saw Shiva there.
Especially Shiva below the banyan, so real with blood and bone.
The demolition expert roaming, deeply occupied
In bringing scorching fresh ash out of ancient deeds.

Don’t know why everyone here looks so familiar,
What holds everyone on that ground with the feeling of unity?
No one hurries for themselves, everyone relaxed and lost,
Some stays sober in thoughts of inconsolable sobbing faces at home
And others at the pride of their purpose fulfilment.

It’s not a factory but materials in its raw nature are brought here
And are processed to its finest possible form.
No one acts as a doer here, but just as machines that perform rituals.
Each happening seems so drafted without pauses
And it continues as a consistent process.

What happens there remains as the primordial mystery.
Human body, the rest house of soul, built on five pillars
Mass that was held tight by earthly gravity, sensing equipment.
The body devoid of awareness is dissolved to its source
And the one who experiences, is no more to explain.

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