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Let me sleep, please

Soul, the humble host of all enjoyments seeks oneness, liberation beyond pleasure and gloom…

Let me sleep, please…
I have danced for you, sung for you,
Acted cheerful for you,
Lived selfless before you,
Lied, even sold myself for you.

You made me do, what you like.
You made that do, the way you like.
All I did was to stay soundless,
All I was allowed, to be marble.
Apt base to figure, the vigour you want.
Perfect stuff that never oppose.

Let me ask if you are glad?
Tell me the acts you made me do,
Made you glad and broken your bonds with sad,
At least it loosed the stressed strings.
Sorry that I know you could never say so,
As it’s just the matter of short lived time.

Let me remind, if you mind
I’m neither this body that you wish,
Nor the mind that serves you,
I am the source of what you search.
I am the soul, the reason and the purpose.
The conscious sleep to be oneness,
So let me sleep for a while, please.
Request from me, your soul.

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