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Let’s go Wonderland, remember we must return

Chats are really awesome as they are highly effective tablets to bring out excitement
Chats bring cheers to lonely life, but once if the chat gets over… It feels like the end of life…
But still, it’s like the caring touch of an evening breeze to be on a lovely chat…

Let’s go Wonderland, remember we must return…
I was so content and much balanced those days
When I won’t receive any chats.
I was so clear about what I should do,
And the things were moving much as planned.

All of a sudden, there came a notification
Just saying, someone has something to say.
But I know I’m being guided to wonderland
Once or twice back in time, I have been there.
I have played as a kid there, I have made some flights there.

Those texts talked, echoed so loud that,
It made me deaf for the outside world.
Those texts have shown me dreams,
That made me smile with a sense beyond happiness.

One day or other, when the noise of chats becomes nil,
That’s the time the so called real world awakes,
It preaches so well who and where you are,
Switching off the wonderland, turning on your own senses.

I know that no chat won’t last so long,
Not because of intentions of any kind,
Just because the nature of life is change and change,
But don’t know why I still I love to get notified by chats.


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