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Life, a steep trekking trip

Life, a steep trekking trip…

Stretching heights for us to hike.
With the weight of pack on our back,
The pack that we believe would help us,
In fact the gear that slows us down.

Meeting new and new fellow travelers,
Being with those who speaks like me,
Away from those who speaks their way.
Aware of truth that I’m not here
to stay long with neither of them.
Still the shock of fellow hikers who disappear,
Sad for those who struggle to move.
Being that last man on my way,
To witness the play of one and all in front.

Times that the snow falled between us,
And we can’t see even ourselves.
The swift landslides that took our way,
Those kind natives who made our way,
The stories that we heard on the road,
The beliefs planted on us by others.
That made our lives seem white, black at times.

A trip that gives an endless feel,
So steep that I feel like holding sticks,
As I feel so old than grandfather,
Losing my taste in anything new,
But signs of progress takes forward,
The joy of reaching destinations that brings a smile.
Finally the excitement of starting it all again,
For the journey that awaits.

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