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Love money, it’s clean…

You buy something, you pay for it, that’s it, it’s over
So simple right? that’s how money behaves. So pure that, it can’t afford any vestiges
It never leaves anyone at the depths of unanswerable questions of obligations and bondage.

Love money, it’s clean…
The transactions can be only perfect with money
You pay for what you want,
And you get what you have paid for.
Completeness is the gift of money,
It leaves away no black residues that smell so bad.

Never get into relationships,
Stay far from those happened involuntarily.
It can never be clean.
The transactions can never be perfect,
It’ll make you stay incomplete being bound with relations
And the never ending feel of owingness,
Which is painful than cancer.

If you still have doubt,
Come, let’s cross the oceans,
Money won’t seem the same everywhere,
But there will be an authentic base for its change.
The Authenticity, something that is hard to find in relationships.
I love to die for authenticity and I trust money.

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