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Mad are blessed to lick the jaggery of life!

Mad are blessed to lick the jaggery of life!

The normal people normally fails because they fail to express themselves,
but the mad people never fails because they simply express themselves and living lost in it.
A machine lives a normal life but a man lives a mad life, mad for the purpose of life, the jaggery of life!

Mad are blessed!
The so called “normal”s are just jealous,
Jealous of those who are mad.
Can a normal sing louder?
Normals can’t even laugh so high.
Normals are those who are bound,
Bound and glued to their own image
Misleading and the ever haunting mirage.

But mad are blessed.
They never look around,
They never think of themselves,
They never count their own mistakes,
They never complain about others,
Their needs are quite a bit,
Wants are at a distance of their hand reach,
They wait for nothing, even for a smile.
No one to blame them and no one to praise them.
They are never bothered of their way,
They just keep their play,
And they never pray
fleeing free forever, like the flowing river.

The Gurus stay mad,
The Sages seem mad,
Scientists prove they’re mad,
Our friends are of course mad,
And the almighty, the maddest of all.

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