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My dear English, forgive me…

As long as the light of knowledge fails to enter, the language and its words are just dust…
When the twilight ray from the sun falls on dust, it becomes an awesome phenomenon – Crepuscular rays, just like the lines of a poem.

My dear English, forgive me…

My dear English,
I have heard about you,
I have read very little about you,
I have learned quite a bit of you,
I am aware of the respect you deserve
Not just in grammatic, lexical and metrical aspects
But also for your power to influence the hearts, emotionally.
But I have no other choice than using your words.
It’s you my floor, the medium to flourish
And to ink my wildest thoughts!
My dear English, forgive me.

Sorry to say it’s not from you
Or any one of your kind has blessed me with the knowledge.
My muse can never be seen, written or heard.
My source is not your words but silence,
But it comes out wearing your gown,
So that the world could notice or neglect you.
My intention is to strengthen the source,
Not the mirror it appears, not the suit it wears.
And if my attitude hurts your altitude,
My dear English, forgive me.

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