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My perky dolly

I was longing for a brother for 11 years, but it was a dolly we got, fortunately she was as bad as a bro!

My perky dolly…
She’s pretty, not so good or bad
Often lost, in her own nature
At those moments in front of a mirror or cam.
She was never a doll, though she seemed like one
Even at the early dolly stages of life.
When I put her at the back carrier of my bicycle,
Don’t know how she managed to stay still,
Because everyone who knows her, knows well
Pulling trees and pushing valleys could be easy for her
But a moment of silence and stillness, the damn hard job.

As the cycle of life turned and I slid down,
She was stepping up herself, taking the lead.
Also, she won’t be shy to act so formlessly as if
Her tight hold on her aim has been loosened,
The next second she feels that someone else cares and holds it up for her.

But my all-time dolly is so perky,
Letting me open my eyes to the childish glow while at darkest days,
Often the drops that roll down from the red eyes had cooled some steam.
And for her pleasure making me suffer the boredom of silly news and kills time

I’ve felt that it’s easy for me to adore someone but she rarely does,
And once if she does, she has nothing else to talk, aside from that
Let it be Telugu actor or a tactic teacher.

She feels much bored at home often,
But she still loves holidays, I feel that like a hope,
A hope that joyful smile will appear on everyone’s face around.
My dear lord, give us reasons for that.

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