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Oh my God, you must know

Oh my God, you must know…
I may bow down to you, kneel down to you,
I may even sponsor you, but finds hard to love you.
You the creator must know this most advanced machine,
Tell me can this machine love?
The best it can do is to be nice and smooth,
Only to those, Who applies oil to it.
Till the greasy feel stays with it.
Can this instrument know coverts of you.
Its you the love, the nature’s secret power source.
Oh my God, you must know its you the device designer.
It had started spreading smoke that builds walls four around,
Ignoring the fact that you my mighty has to acknowledge,
For something in this creation to exist.
Without your acknowledgment, tell me if something could be real.
Spreading smoke will fade away, once you are aware in me.
Let this device know you, let it feel you, let it be you.
Oh my God, you must know to make it work somehow
Seamlessly in the way its meant to be.
You’re my driver, I’ve fired you,
You’re my teacher, I’ve forgot you,
You’re my friend, I left you,
But you’re forgiver, so I trust you.
Honestly bows and begs before you.
So that I don’t have to do that anywhere else, ever.

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