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For the perfect growth, I am the safest cradle babe.
Use me well and hop too high, says the hurdle.

Deem me like a hot day hike,
Face me still, says the suffering.

Let me bleed for a while and
Watch me heal back in time, says the wound.

I'm just a gypsy, dwells till you care.
Let me don't stay for long, says the pain.

I will stop the river of your wish, simply to assess
How intense dambreak can it cause, says frustration.

I reward you courage, to touch the top.
Owe you for time we spent, says the failure.

Love me as your conceit gift. Only the lives
With purest hearts could afford me, says the heartbreak.

I may seem static for your eyes that see,
But I stay dynamic, warns the life.

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