Goddess of failure, are we believers?

Whether goddess of failure exists or not, most of us believe her! When success gives the pressure of being consistent, Failure gifts that badge "not reliable" written on it and lets you free... Goddess of failure, are we believers? Before something gets started, The thought of failure Goddess arises. When the things are getting hard, The belief in

The Nothing

I owe everything to nothing Because nothing granted me everything And since the day I met nothing, I am a fan of nothing. The Nothing... Nothing stays forever, Nothing makes you free, Nothing remains the same, all the time Nothing is the cause, source of creation Nothing is the mightiest, Nothing is perfect, Nothing is real. Still, I hold nothing close

The real blessing

It's the ignorance that leads to narrowing of mind that makes us pray to God "let me die, I just need that blessing" Neither death is a solution, nor the struggles and success in life, instead a life without resisting any experience that comes on the way At the end finding ourselves

The Google Mind

Mind and affirmations plays so well in our lives, knowingly or unknowingly it works! It works much like a keyword that we enter on the Google and it brings everything related... The Google Mind... Google Mind is a brand new tool, So powerful and intuitive too. Just launched and only some had known! And I got


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