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Rama as I know…

From the ancient ages, offering chants were considered as the holiest activity of all.
Chants represent the pulse within oneself and it takes to the experience beyond the barriers of physical existence.
It has to be understood that chanting is neither material nor spiritual; instead, an instant sachet sample of fulfilment that you already have.

Rama as I know…

Rama, as you know is a deity.
The modest son of all time, the sun’s descendant
Master of the acest ape, lovely Sita’s spouse
And a greedy seeker of offerings

Rama, as you know is the manliest of emperors.
Embodiment of the Vedic essence,
Soulmate for every being that surrounds,
And slave for a fan who is mad at him.

Rama, as I know is the pulse.
The everlasting experience of pulsation within
That begins to spark at the end of chants
And lasts till it burns away the final urge.

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