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Roadside Tree

Roadside Tree...

Happy life, bothering no one and bothers none.
Rooting firmly and growing deeper to find it,
My Water, the source and soul of my life.

Blue sky is too high and brown land is too low,
Let me cherish the greenish life in between, effortlessly.
With blindest belief in power that supports me and every other me.
Until the day i become dust and reach the skies.

No blame, let it flame or freeze. Being friend of source of light.
Not being upset either with sweatdrop or raindrop.
Lights up green & waves with wind for every vacationer.
Since i have known, no best partner than a stranger.

Grow wide, spread shade. Bear fruits, bestow these homes lots.
Not to please or to tease anyone, but for a reason
That's what my job and that's what my true nature.
Let this innate nature never get mature.

Grace be there that my spirit of greenery be there
While at frustration of drought or at the hillstation of downpour.
Because I'm afraid of my addiction towards coherent change,
Which is also my nature.

Appears to everyone like an awesome tree, quite high & widespread.
But the fact is that its just the thinnest guitar string.
That makes high pitch notes for a small touch
And gets broken quite often.

My dear mighty lord, by your wish once we had wings you gave us.
Then it seemed your wish that species of my kind have to stay,
If we deserve, let it be your wish that we stay able, in and out.
The source and supplier of every need, let no one beg for basic needs.
Not just because it takes self esteem less than prostitute level,
No one could water enough and satisfy, just like your chill rain does.
Wishes are as good as done, I know. Because you're absolute nothing
Other than the grand slave loyal to one who loves.
None other than you my dear me to grant harmony & happiness !

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