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Should I really go back home?

Should I really go back home?

It’s so beautiful here, how peaceful am I here,
So happy, just to be here,
But why my mind stays still at home?
Why it just tells of my home? On and on
The thought of going back glooms the scene.
Should I return to where I came from?
Should I really go back home,
The place where excitement lacks?
But I’m not sure if this place be the same,
All the time for me to be,
Can this place be my home,
Can it hold me like my mom?
Will the sun stay here for long
Just for the reason, I’m here?
I’m not sure.
The only thing I know for sure,
How long we run, how far we reach,
There’s a journey back home one day,
After every journey.
Where we find ourselves minus excitement,
The place we meet the life as such and its realities.
Home, the hardest reality.

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