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That was our dream, right

That dream can’t just be explained by the word Footloose… instead, it reminds the need
for us to be responsible…
This dream has the hint that shows the purpose of life and the way of living it with peace
and harmony.

That was our dream, right?
Like that green grass,
Circled by the loved,
Near the stream flow,
Just its sweet burble, for the ears to follow
Watching those clouds that glide near and afar,
Wasn’t that our earliest wish?
Just being there at that peaceful place,
Letting the growth of ours and others
Effortlessly and so naturally.

I ask myself, how did that come?
How did that same hill?
How did that same stream?
How did that grassy land, always exists
As the common theme and basic template
That simply manifests on every kid’s canvas?

Maybe the kids are much closer to God
And his message for us, spreading through them.
This dream tells you, me and all
“This is how our home looks like
And that’s how it’s meant to be”

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