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The Google Mind

Mind and affirmations plays so well in our lives, knowingly or unknowingly it works!
It works much like a keyword that we enter on the Google and it brings everything related…

The Google Mind…
Google Mind is a brand new tool,
So powerful and intuitive too.
Just launched and only some had known!
And I got a chance to test it.

First I put the word “happiness” on it
And pressed so nicely to enter,
For my surprise, it was the wonderful day I ever had.
Witnessing the scenes of contentment, joyfulness
Glad news even from the far which I ever expected
And links further to much more merry.

And once when it happened for me
To put the word “failure” and hit enter.
All of the sudden it started showing gloomy scenes.
Wild and weird results, much unexpected outcomes
Unnatural reactions, even from the loved.

On the next moment of realization,
The first thing I did was to put again “happiness”
Along with a nice press on the enter and relax.
That was all I could do and I am happy that it works so well.

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