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The photograph of life

The painting Mona Lisa beautifully pictures the real nature of life…
It explains life so well far beyond the limitations of words.
If we take a photograph of life, it’ll look like the painting Mona Lisa because we can’t predict what it tells…

The photograph of life

Don’t know exactly
If it smiles at me or sad about me.

Don’t know if I have to
Laugh or shed tears at it.

Don’t know if it looks at me with the satisfaction for my deeds
Or is it complaining about what I have done

Sometimes it feels like I’m important so it keeps staring at me
Sometimes it feels like jailed to stay observed by it, always.

Also, we don’t have any idea
If we’re looking at it at the right angle

It seems like smiling when I’m happy
And it seems like being sad when I’m sad

Now I’m getting to know that, life has no action as its own,
It’s all about my choice and state of mind,
But it has its eyes on me wherever I’m!

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