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The real blessing

It’s the ignorance that leads to narrowing of mind that makes us pray to God “let me die, I just need that blessing”
Neither death is a solution, nor the struggles and success in life, instead a life without resisting any experience that comes on the way
At the end finding ourselves free from needs and wants, witnessing every single ‘desire seeds’ gets burnt into ash along with this body.

The Real Blessing…
Everything you need is at your feet,
All your requirements are fulfilled and beyond,
Compassion, love are flooding around,
Life so nice as a loyal pet dog.

You’re surrounded by those who cares,
You’re nurtured intensely,
You’re preserved as if you were at womb,
You’re so empty without those comforts,
And you’re cursed to be dependent.

Once if you’re surrounded by those who cares not,
And you seek no care and need no love from outside,
You’ll find your lord and friend in you.
You’re all set to die as a free soul
And that’s the blessing, a death free from rebirth.

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