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The Rockfall

The Rockfall...

I was too high, when born
Heard a flow of rhyming words that made me laugh,
So snowed to allow the flow through me.
As the flow went on, the rhymes in words just went down.
And I saw the flow gets down with the rock of who am I

I was so high, when child,
Found the friends, the joy and play.
Allowed the joy of play to pass through me.
But the play went wild to the banks of fight,
When friends compete mad for runs and goals.
And I saw the flow of play takes down again the rock of who am I

I was high, when young,
Found the fictious world out there,
Loved to live the life that fancy way.
The hectic flow, that took my rock all the way down.
The fairy water just flowed, just like the seconds did.
All the rock that made me high are now dust.

And i am old and low as earth right now,
And below this ground is my home next day.
This is what the rock fall life.
But, most of them call this waterfall.
The journey towards achievements.
And to forsake every single attainment.

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