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The Shiny Life

The Shiny Life…

Wonderful shiny life it seems,
Blissful piece of art it seems,
My shiny glimpse that made you jealous,
By now, awkward state of mind you are.

Lovely boy, you never gets aware of your luck.
Lonely me but fan of you and your unbound life.
But, its my shine that you need. That’s my curse but no one knows,
Get inside and feel secured, let me show you who am i.

Its not my love, nor my likes,
Its neither my passion either, that makes me move.
Its the fire, hits of flames, kicks of steam,
Its the rigid static metallic rhythm of necessity which makes me move !
On and on, day by day, miles takes away my mild tones.

Dear boy, its not just my life you’ve seen now,
It’s just the slice of shiny life.
Tell me does it shines both in and out ?
Tell me shiny life is what your wish.
So that i can laugh and laugh.

Father of the man, tell me what shines inside out,
At least let me think of it and one day i can go for it.
In search of the might that gives life to metal,
The might that heals rigid to river.

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