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The Ultimate Plan

Planning must be done in such a way that once executed, it must affect positively for those who are directly & indirectly related. It must be capable of rearranging or reversing itself if required. It must support the future plans B,C,D..Z…∞ And that’s why “Being Happy” enjoys supremacy to hold the title of – The Ultimate Plan.

The Ultimate Plan…



Joe made a plan to go up, that went down,
So Joe used it to go down, but it never did.
Copied a plan of top reached one,
Joe felt like God to reach goal soon,
But, all it done was gave him none.

Being his pro, Joe never felt low to try the new.
Plan making missions were fired,
The effort building sessions got leveled.
Found some peace that budding up,
Joe never mind that blooming bud.

Joe had the view that a bud will bloom,
If the bud is good or let it fled.
Attitude like that bought the era of shine,
And the bud turned flowers of Joe’s joy.
Joe and Joy are friends now and on.

Joe felt glad that the whole plan works.
Joy told Joe that he made the plans.
Unveiling the fact of ultimate plan,
The right plan to go is to be with joy.
The ultimate plan to go beyond infinite plans.

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