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Unseen thread

Unseen thread
Unseen thread that lights every life
The flow that keeps the vital glow.
Unseen string but the refined one
Beyond the extents of saturation
Above the extremes of situations
That bounds the likes, dislikes as well
That bounds words, the silence as well
It bounds the smile and sobs
it bounds beyond the seas and skies
And holds the life and death in hand.
Unseen it stays but outshines the most
Beneath it lies but profound its pulse
That holds the life and dreams till dusk
The sun who melts each bergs of ice
Were hardships stucks and stink
Let me find from where it comes
And let me stay at that place of play
Where the roots of joy and light dwells
Not just for one but everyone
It's the essence of Life
It's the essence of Ourselves
It's the essence of Verses
It's the essence of Everything
Have you felt that unseen thread?

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