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What if

What if…

What if, opportunity is a smart guy.
Who comes by train, catches the taxi,
Straight to home and shakes the hand.
Says let’s start and we voice same.

What if, success is a star.
Sunny shiny star that stays in sight,
While at dim and day.

What if, happiness halts as a habit.
The only wholesome way of life,
The wholly noble way, to stay alive.

What if, peace and power stays still with ease,
What if, miracles most of time,
What if, health dwells in and out,
What if, each sweat drop said effortless,
What if, wonders all around,
What if every barren field flowered bright and fruited fresh.

What if, all these are already there,
All I need is to change my view,
From what I resist, to what I wish to persist.

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