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What will you do?

Writing something is the best way to release the contents that expand inside the mind.

The occasional explosions inside the mind flows out so peacefully in the form of words leaving behind the feeling of fulfilment.
Because everything that plays in mind can’t be shared by means of spoken words.
Dear friends, here’s my story…

What will you do?

What’ll you do if you find yourself doing bad,
If you find that the deeds are nothing but thought results,
If you feel like having just the wonderful thoughts, nothing else?
You’ll start observing your thoughts.

What’ll you do if you find yourself so content,
Content enough not to get hurt by any kind of critics out there,
Calm enough to hold that thought and courageous enough to ink the truth?
You’ll start developing clarity in thoughts.

What’ll you do if you find yourself so idle,
Unwilling to record every thought phrase as lengthy prose,
But can’t hold back yourself from expressing it?
You’ll start getting quotes and lines.

What’ll you do if you find yourself so happy,
Recognized as the owner of those wonderful lines,
Encouraged by the one and all who reads?
You’ll start writing poems, expressing violent while being silent.

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