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Where I left my fear?

Fear is nothing but something that tells us we have something to lose,
If something we’re afraid to lose is lost, the flow of life becomes effortless in its own way…

Where I left my fear?
I was a kid, a creamy kid
And I too was afraid of the dark and death.
I felt only those beings which live as natural,
My fear took me away from those without lives,
Even the big black rock had frightened me.
But that day when I was thrown away from my comforts,
That day when I realised no one can help,
That one day when I met the death so close
And found the death to be absolute natural
And could locate no escape from it
And felt the love that melts fear.
When the solaces subsided
It felt absurd to anticipate failures anymore
That day was my birthday
Because from that day, I started living
Cause of worries was the fear to lose
But at the depths of failure,
The one we have to meet is the liberated self.
Which is the soul thought of a soldier
“To do or die” no more to declare,
Nothing to know, nowhere to go
And no one to rely.

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