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Window, the eye that reaches infinity

Window, the eye that reaches infinity
Once upon a time, someone had a vision of sitting inside his home and reaching so far as sky effortlessly. As he started following the wonderful path of his vision, he made a hole in his wall and framed it with small wooden logs. For his surprise, his vision came true and “Window” was born. When he just sat on his chair inside his home, window took him to the views near and far, up to the sky. Each day window made him happy by showing something new, blue sky, black sky, orange sky, the birds on it and much more. He started feeling much happier but felt like securing his happiness and he grilled his window. Even though non-panoramic, resembling the view through a broken glass, window keep on showing him new views each day and he was becoming the happiest. Happiness made him feel that he had much to lose and he started to develop a feeling of insecurity and planned to make a veil for his vision. The next day as he fixed lids perfectly for his window, the window closed its eyes and died.

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