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Words… can never hurt me

Words are capable of wounding almost every human hearts
But these words will be capable of transforming emotions only if they are allowed to do so, if they are repeated so powerfully in mind.
The words can't affect much on a body that has suffered harder hits and traumas because the focus is isolated to words that heal.

Words... can never hurt me

That's the boon I earned from my Lord,
By his glory, words can never hurt me.
Word is nothing but a sound,
A small vibration from the vocal strings.
How hard can such a feeble vibe hit me?
How long can that vibe last?
When it fails to bring a tiny quake inside.
But it's not at all a wonder
Because the training school,
it dealt with much fierce traumas.
The teachings were offered
As hazardous experiments.
The notes were scribbled
In the form of ever lasting limb marks.
The progress was measured
In terms of less responsiveness before hard hits.
And the rewards were given
At the slightest margin between life and death.

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