You can see your father clearly, only when he’s gone…

My dear God, you’re training me so well to get detached from the precious things I love. This is a humble reminder that someday I may get detached from you and you will have to bear tears for me that day and I’ll be singing and dancing with ecstasy…

You can see your father clearly, only when he’s gone…

You can see your father clearly,
only when he’s gone.

You can get inspired,
Even from his silence

You can follow his words,
Without much explanations.

And yes, you can agree with him,

You can be proud of the habits,
he has sown in you.

You can stay thankful for him,
All the time.

You can feel how secure you were,
Beneath that hot noon sun.

You can sense it well,
What he meant by self-reliance.

You can find how funny he was,
But now you have no chance to laugh.

This was not the first time he got hospitalised. I’ve seen him surviving much critical times. All those days, I could feel his efforts to hold on. But this time I have seen his hands kept open as if it has left the hold. Behind each line I wrote, there was a thought that kept me tight “how will he react to it”. And there were some efforts to earn some good words from him. I’m now free and it’s an effortless job to write something because he’s not going to comment on it anymore… I have heard that the creator is so perfect in balancing everything in nature. I would like to see how the gap of my father in my family could be filled…From a son’s perspective, his father is a target. A target that takes ten steps forward when I take five steps ahead, this target had always kept me moving consistently. One day I could find that the target has been taken away…

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